West Virginia Business & Industry Council Endorses 81 Legislative Candidates for 2014 Primary Election

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Business & Industry Council (BIC), comprised of more than 60 West Virginia trade associations and businesses representing more than 395,000 employees, today announced its endorsement of 81 candidates across the state seeking election to the West Virginia Senate and the West Virginia House of Delegates.

“All these individuals support job development, infrastructure improvement, legal fairness and fiscal responsibility – the main items West Virginia’s business community believes will move the state forward,” said BIC Chairman Chris Hamilton “They are champions of ideas to improve the state’s economy and social well-being and we hope constituents across the state will elect them as the nominees in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, May 13.”

The full listing of endorsements for both Senate and House of Delegates candidates are listed by district below.

For additional information, contact Chris Hamilton at (304) 342-4153.

The West Virginia Business & Industry Council’s goal is to enhance the business climate in West Virginia, and its members have been working to that end for more than three decades.

Senate Endorsements:

District 1: Ryan Ferns
District 3: David Nohe
District 4: Mike Hall
District 5: Vicki Dunn-Marshall
District: 7: Ron Stollings
District 8: Ed Gaunch
District 9: Mike Green
District 11: Greg Tucker
District 12: Sam Cann
District 14: Dave Sypolt
District 17: Doug Skaff, Jr.

House Endorsements:

District 1: Pat McGeehan, Mark Zatezalo
District 2: Ryan Weld
District 3: Erikka Storch, Chris Elswick
District 4: David Evans
District 6: Roger Romine
District 7: Woody Ireland
District 8: Bill Anderson
District 9: Anna Border
District 10: Vernon Criss, Frank Deem, John Kelly
District 11: Bob Ashley
District 12: Steve Westfall
District 13: Scott Cadle, Josh McGrath
District 14: Jim Butler
District 16: Carol Miller, Jim Morgan
District 17: Matthew Rohrbach
District 18: Kelly Sobonya
District 20: Justin Marcum
District 21: Harry Keith White
District 22: Josh Barker, Michel Moffatt
District 23: Josh Nelson
District 24: Rupie Phillips, Ted Tomblin
District 27: Joe Ellington, Marty Gearhart, John Shott
District 28: John O’Neal, Roy Cooper
District 30: Linda Sumner
District 31: Lynne Arvon
District 33: Roger Hanshaw
District 35: Andrew Byrd, JB McCuskey, Eric Nelson, Suzette Raines, Chris Stansbury
District 36: Mark Hunt, Vaughn Sizemore, Brad White
District 37: Charles Minimah
District 39: Ron Walters
District 40: Tim Armstead
District 41: Jordan Hill
District 42: Boogie Ambler, Ray Canterbury
District 43: Denise Campbell, Bill Hartman
District 48: Danny Hamrick
District 49: Amy Summers
District 51: Amanda Pasdon, Cindy Frich, Joe Statler
District 53: Randy Smith
District 54: Allen Evans
District 55: Steven Davis
District 56: Gary Howell
District 57: Ruth Rowan
District 58: Daryl Cowles
District 59: Larry Kump
District 60: Larry Faircloth
District 62: John Overington
District 63: Mike Folk
District 64: Eric Householder
District 66: Paul Espinosa

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