WV Business Community Applauds House Defeat of HB 4001

The West Virginia Business & Industry Council (BIC) and West Virginia Chamber of Commerce today expressed its appreciation to those Members of the House of Delegates that voted to defeat HB 4001 – Federal False Claims Act legislation.

“On behalf of West Virginia’s business community, we appreciate the clear and progressive thinking a majority of the House of Delegates undertook in evaluating this bill and the potential negative impact it could have had on the State,” said Chris Hamilton, Chairman of the WV Business & Industry Council and Steve Roberts, President of the WV Chamber of Commerce.

“We are particularly pleased with the bi-partisan rejection of this legislation. We thank those legislators on both sides of the aisle who took the time to listen to our concerns and did the right thing by voting against it.”

“The business community for weeks has asked House leadership for input into the bill, but all our concerns went unheard. The WV Business & Industry Council and the WV Chamber of Commerce provided information outlining critical pitfalls in the legislation and proposed changes to make it a bill that all can support, but those requests for a seat at the table fell on deaf ears.”

Hamilton and Roberts said with the remaining time left in the session, BIC and the WV Chamber pledge to work with the House of Delegates on creating legislation that fosters true job growth for West Virginia.

For additional information, contact Chris Hamilton at (304) 342-4153 or Steve Roberts at (304) 342-1115.

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