BIC Welcomes Murray Energy to West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Business and Industry Council (BIC) welcomes Murray Energy to the Mountain State and sees its purchase of five CONSOL Energy longwall mines as a positive contribution to the state's economy.

"This transaction will provide continuity and stability in the state, while allowing each organization to grow," said BIC Chairman Chris Hamilton. “We wish to congratulate Consol on their tremendous contributions to our state over the years and we welcome Murray Energy and pledge our support to help make their transition into our manufacturing and business community seamless.”

“As a new member of West Virginia’s employer community and a new member of the West Virginia Business & Industry Council, our organization will work to assist Murray Energy with introductions and insights into the state’s business and manufacturing sectors and offer any help the company needs to become a full and participatory member of West Virginia’s corporate community,” Hamilton added.

The West Virginia Business & Industry Council is comprised of more than 60 West Virginia trade associations and businesses, represents more than 395,000 state employees, across twenty-six separate industry categories. The organization’s goal is to enhance the business climate in West Virginia, and its members have been working to that end for more than three decades.

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